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Again I keep on procrastinating my post. Actually I have soo much to share about here just that I barely have time to update. On 18th June to 21th June 2011, I had an unforgettable Pinang trip with hometown besties Angel, Kristin and Boon Song. We went there by AirAsia flight we don't wanna waste 6 hours time to travel there. And the privilege aim that we plan this trip was, to EAT! hiak hiak hiak

Exciting 1st Day

We took 8.15am flight at LCCT but delayed until 8.30 and reached P.Pinang International Airport at about 9.25am. WOAH SO FAST!! And here, a Pinang's friend if Angel, V-Ho was an undeniable nice and gentleman guy as he self-volunteered to become our tour guide for this 4days 3 nights trip! How lucky!!! V-Ho picked us up at the airport and straight away headed to KEK LOK SI TEMPLE! (i make it sound so interesting lol)

There was a very hustle bustle Morning market below the Kek Lok Si temple and you can actually find all the famous local Penang food there. We were so hungry that we had out breakfast there. The picture at the above the 1st one is Loh Mee ordered by Kristin, taste a bit sour so it's appetizing. 2nd is Nasi Kandar by BS and VH , I dont't know how it's taste like but u guess what? It cost RM10!! WOAH I dont know what dishes that he took but he really kena killed gao gao by the peddler. 3rd one was Fried Ho fan ordered by Angel and I. I expected it to be Penang Fried Kuey Tiao but it's soo thick but Penang Kuey tiao should be very thin and how could it be that it got no si ham at all! Then only we realized we ordered a wrong thing. =.='''

The weather was so hot and it really exhausted to get to up there especially after eaten heavy food== Along the way to the temple, as u know there were a lot of stalls selling clothes, hats and handicraft, and there was a funny incident. Boon song, he heard a seller selling hats bargaining with an Indian said " 5 ringgit 5 ringgit la". The the Indian ignored, "4 Ringgit la 4 Ringgit", then the Indian went away, then the seller yelled "3 Ringgit la 3 Ringgit...!!" "ok la 2 Ringgit!!" Seeing that, Boon song turned to him and asked "真的啊? 2块钱罢了??" "谁讲的? 5块钱!" Totally LOL. Of course Bs went away then the seller again yelled " ok la 3.50!..........3.00!......2.00!...." "1.00!!!!!!!" WOAHAHA

Then we went down to have bowls of Asam Laksa. The stall below the Kek Lok Si is one of the most famous Asam Laksa in Penang as many ppl recommended it in the Internet. But we still find this just ok and V-Ho also commented it just ordinary. But the materials is really full and the soup is concentrated, I think not much ppl can finish it together with the soup. However , we found the fried Pohpiah beside the Asam Laksa stall is delicious!! Well, this is one if the place that we 'have to' go if looking for nice food.

After that, we check in to Tune Hotel. The reason that we book this hotel is of course the price is cheaper! Rm256 for 3 Nights! Where to find other hotels with the same rate?? Besides that, It's located in the center of the town so transport is quite convenient =) On top of that, the room is very clean! We only booked a double sharing room so there were only 2 Single beds, but we have 4 ppl, so we pulled down the beds to have 4 mattress and surprisingly it can fit!! Well it's one of the money saving method for those who want to have a budget tour. Despite all of that, it's so cheap actually it have a lot of extra charges. Like it only provide 12 hours Air-conditioner for 4 days! Then it charge u Rm13 for another 12 hours if you have finish using the time limit. But luckily it still has a Ceilling fan so it's alright. And Hair blower also will charge u Rm1 each day! Like omg! But overall is very up to expectation and it's quite comfortable.

After we rest for a while in the hotel room, we decided to go for Cendol as it's not far away from the hotel. On the way there, we passed by a big shop selling varieties of fishes, dogs, cats, snakes, parrots...... Beside that, it selling huge varieties of doggies stuff such as clothes, shoes, shampoo, food, biscuits and toys!
This is doggies food that I never seen be4, and it has 4 flavour!
4 types of shampoo lol.

The shoe,clothes and bed looks like baby use, but is actually for dogss!! OMG CRAZY!

The cendol at JOO HOI Coffee shop is really a MUST TRY Cendol when u r in Penang! It's a small stall located outside the coffee shop and HUGE NO. of customers standing to wait for justa bowl of cendol!! Really no jokes here as the customers really covered up the stall. Everyone standing and sipping cendol as it charged extra RM0.50 for each bowl of cendol if u bring into the coffee shop. We kena charged and It's like WTH!!! So pls be clear about that when u want to try the cendol!

Oh yeahh this is the most original Penang Char Kuey Tiao!! It's nice YOHOO! You know what's the main difference between the Original Penang Fried Kuey Tiao and the one selling in KL and Tampin, is the fragrance smell, you can distinguish it well when u have a plate of it. Then is the amount of Si ham and the size if the Prawns!!! Well next to it is Singapore Popiah, it looks special but i didnt taste it nice though.

Dinner time, we head to New World Park which is a hawker centre just next to our hotel.

1st: O' Chien. Actually every O' Chien in penang are almost the same and are not bad one. But this one the sticky flour is too much.

This is some soup of mian xian herbal soup. Come with a big drumstick taste not bad just like homecook soup.

ABC yea it's nice.

Penang Laksa. Erm.. Just normal lo.

At night we head to Upper Penang Road by free shuttle bus! Yea Penang has such good serviece for tourists! Then we found another even much much bigger hawker centre there then AGAIN we EAT.

1st one is Penang Rojak. They said it nice but I seriously don't like the taste of fruit Rojak. It smells bad for me lol no offend to those who like Penang Rojak very much. 2nd piture is Bak Kut Teh. LMAO first time see ppl eating bak kut teh when travelling in Penang, that is Ng boon Song. 3rd one is some sort of Indian Nasi Briyani. Not bad seriously suitable who likes spicy indian food. 4th one Ice Kacang with Ice-cream Top Yohoo sooo refreshing XD

Upper Penang Road is famous with it's Bar street where along the street the shophouse are bar shops selling beer and wine and alcohol stuff la. The atmosphere there is quite nice and there was a place Ang Mo foreigners like to visit. Well we were so obedient that we didnt visit any of the shops to drink beers. Actually because the price was quite...... high. Then we head off to hotel and finish the first day =)

Leisure 2nd day

First destination, Guan Yin Temple. Beside the temple there is a coffee shop selling Loh Mee. I ever try this be4 until that day. Yummy Breakfast but I found there are pork internal organs that I very afraid of.
In the Guan yintemple, there is an old man selling varieties of mii chang. All were totally handmade one. Original Mii chang is very crunchy but the one i tasted was very soft and sticky. The taste of the zhi ma and brown sugar will spread all over in your mouth but yet not too sweet =)

Then we went to St. George Church at nearby.

After that we headed to Toy Museum which is the largest Toy collection in the world with over 10000 toys. It was RM10 per entrance.

It's sooo much that I look until headache. But frankly, although there is really massive amount toys, but the museum was not properly managed. It's old and the cabinets were wear and tear. Besides, the arrangement of the toys was really really poor that it can be Doraemon besides Jack Sparrow, Twitty bird besides the Spiderman, Popeye standing side to batman LOL. since it'sone of the tourist attractions, it shouldn't be this standard.

After that, we head to Sleeping Buddha Temple but there was nothing much to talk about. Well we still managed to Cheong K in Gurney Plaza for 3 hours. What a leisure trip.Peeps I have something interesting to share at here! =D A Hit Song 最重要的决定 by Ms. Angel Tomato!

After that we took our dinner at a famous hawker centre located just next to the Gurney Plaza. Damn lot's of ppl at dinner time and be barely found a table. Yes time to eat!!The right top pic is obviously Wantan Mee taste not bad, the dumpling soup at the 2nd pic was nice! A delicious Dumpling soups is quite hard to be found actually. Well the 3rd pic is a special thing which is a must try food at this hawker centre, Fried Chicken Skin. It's very famous as lots of customers ordered this although it's not cheap at all as rm4 per plate. Very crunchy just like eating titbits and every teenager will like it for sure. Last one Toufu Hua, yeah finally found it after crying for this since the 1st day in penang. Yeap it was very nice =)

Then it was movie time Green Lantern. Ehhhh it was just all about a newborn superhero and i felt it quite stupid Greeeeennn look lol. So fast that we ended our 2nd day in Penang =)

Lovely 3rd Day

In the morning we head to Botanical Garden. Number of ppl were looking at Angel and me as we wore quite oddly to the place. Everyone wearing tracksuit jogging and hiking at there but we were wearing dressss. So what? Look la no one knows me except they 4 also. The garden was greeted by the soft scent of green. Surrounded by thick luscious forest that one cannot escape from feeling the green breathing. I could still feel the rustling leaves after visiting Botanical Gardens till now.

After our lunch of economic rice in somewhere I didn't know, again we watch another movie lol. Ok I dont whether this movie is still playing in the cinema or not but seriously at here I want to advise those who are going to watch this movie. DON'T WATCH IT. IT'S SOO UNWORTHY.

Then on the way to Batu Ferringgi, we stopped by a roadside stall to eat Durian. As for me, I dont like to eat durian since don't know how many years ago. Well I don't hate the smell of durian just that I don't really feel like want to eat it at all as I'll feel uncomfortable after having it.
So as for me I feel unworth to eat durians.

Yeah finally we headed to BATU FERRINGGI! When people mention about Batu Ferringgi, 2 things come to mind, BEACH and NIGHT MARKET. In fact Batu Ferringgi is famed for it's beaches. Despite of that, if you have visited to some famous islands such as Redang and Perhentian, you won't feel anything to this beach as the seawater was not as clear as nor as blue as the Islands. Of course one thing should be glad that was the beach was clean enough to enjoy your strolling along the seaside and the petting of the seawind. At Batu Ferringgi, you can



Motorboat riding

Banana boat riding

and also self-photo capturing to have a great new profile pic in FB haha.

Having too lots of fun at the beach (actually were just strolling ==), we felt so hungry that we started to looking for fooood. We decided to had a buffet so we headed to a place called Sri Sayang. As this place was located at the another end of the beach, we were too hungry and soo exhausted that we almost gave up walking to this Restaurant. However the main reason that urged all if us to keep walking to this place was that, the buffet cost only RM19.90. WOAH SO CHEAP!

This is the 1st time ever that I have this type of buffet. Instead of self service, it's like restaurant you can ordered any dishes in the menu and u can ordered as much as possible. The dishes were like homecook so I felt quite warm and enjoy it much=) Besides normal dishes, we can have a steamboat also. I didn't know whether was our stomach was too small or we were too greedy as almost couldn't finish it as we ordered too much!!

When finish our buffet then it's time to go back to hotel=)

Pleasant 4th day

The last day in Penang! Boon song decided to buy Durian back to home for his family at the New World Park as he thought we can bring back as long as it's keep in a container but then the seller only told us we couldn't took it back if we travel by air when he alr cut open the durian! Well no choice then he could only wrap it by his think clothes and sweater.

When we reached the airport and scanned, the person smelled the durians as the smell was still too heavy. Luckily, god blessed him that the person couldn't able to scan anything although he scanned for more than 3 times. Then he thought bs was just arrived from eating durian. And then in the flight, an air stewardess told her colleague just next to me" I macam bau...............bau durian???" LOL

Finally I ended this post after writng bit by bit for 3 days! Take care guys and bye!

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